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Enhancing Law Enforcement Excellence: The Value of VALEAC Membership

As members of the Virginia Law Enforcement Accreditation Coalition (VALEAC), you are part of a community dedicated to upholding the highest standards of excellence in law enforcement. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of how VALEAC dues contribute to the enhancement of your agency's capabilities, the benefits of quarterly meetings, and the importance of networking within the accreditation community.

Quarterly Meetings and Training:

VALEAC membership dues play a crucial role in supporting the various initiatives aimed at advancing law enforcement knowledge and skills. These dues cover the costs associated with quarterly meetings, which are held throughout the year. These gatherings serve as a platform for facilitating and coordinating training sessions, covering a diverse range of topics. From accreditation-related information to broader law enforcement insights, these meetings are designed to keep members informed and updated.

The training sessions conducted during these meetings are not only informative but also essential for professional development. VALEAC ensures that the content is relevant and valuable, encouraging members to provide feedback on topics of interest to their agencies. The flexibility to conduct some meetings virtually, depending on the time of year and venue, ensures accessibility for all members.

Networking Opportunities:

While the training sessions are undeniably valuable, one of the most significant benefits of VALEAC membership lies in the networking opportunities provided by quarterly meetings. These gatherings bring together accreditation managers, assessors, and staff from various agencies, fostering an environment of collaboration and shared expertise.

Networking is more than just a social aspect of these meetings; it is a gateway to ongoing support and assistance. Whether you have questions about the accreditation process, need a mock assessment for your agency, or seek information such as policies and forms, the connections made at VALEAC meetings can be instrumental. The strength of this professional network lies in the collective experience and knowledge of its members, creating a collaborative community dedicated to the success of each participating agency.

Membership Structure:

It's important to note that VALEAC dues are based on a per-agency model, rather than an individual membership. This means that if your agency is a member of VALEAC, every person affiliated with your agency is considered a member. This inclusive approach ensures that all members of your team have access to the resources and benefits provided by VALEAC.

Per our By-Laws:

Regular members shall be duly constituted Virginia law enforcement agencies that have paid all dues and have applied for membership and been approved by the Board. New agencies in self-assessment will be exempt from dues in their initial calendar year of membership and will be charged dues beginning in the January of the following calendar year.  Regular members shall be entitled to vote on all matters that require the vote of the members under the Articles, VALEAC’s Bylaws, and under the Act. Each  regular member shall be entitled to one vote on such matters.  Each member agency shall designate in writing the person entitled to exercise its vote on behalf of the agency, and the member agency may change its designation at any time at least five days prior to the annual meeting or a special meeting. In the absence of such designation, the Board may use its discretion in identifying the person who may act on behalf of a member at any meeting. Every reference to a member or members herein shall be to regular voting members unless specified otherwise.

Membership dues will be established in January and the payment requested within ninety (90) days from the posted invoice date. Dues received after June 30th of the calendar year, shall be assessed a late fee of $20.00.

Conference Considerations:

The VALEAC Conference stands as a cornerstone event within the VALEAC community, serving as a focal point for collaboration, learning, and networking. Historically open to anyone interested, the conference provides a platform for professionals to gather and exchange insights, best practices, and the latest developments in law enforcement accreditation. While the Board's decision on the format of this year's conference is eagerly awaited, the event typically encompasses a diverse range of topics, including accreditation processes, policy updates, and emerging trends in the field. Attendees have the opportunity to engage with peers, accreditation managers, assessors, and staff from various agencies, fostering a sense of community and shared dedication to upholding the highest standards of excellence. The VALEAC Conference not only serves as a valuable learning experience but also reinforces the spirit of collaboration that is fundamental to the success of law enforcement agencies across Virginia.

Per Our By-Laws:

Annual VALEAC dues must be current to attend the Annual Conference.


For any questions or guidance regarding the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission (VLEPSC) and its role, VALEAC recommends reaching out to the DCJS Program manager, Todd Clingenpeel. His expertise can provide valuable insights and assistance to complement your VALEAC membership.

In conclusion, VALEAC membership plays

a pivotal role in fostering a community dedicated to advancing law enforcement excellence. From informative training sessions to invaluable networking opportunities, quarterly meetings serve as a cornerstone for professional growth and collaboration. As a member agency, you are part of a collective effort to elevate the standards of law enforcement in Virginia. Embrace the opportunities that VALEAC membership provides, and let's continue working together towards a safer and more secure future.


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